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全部雜誌1年10期月刊 + 1期特別版 ( 加拿大雜誌除外 ) | 本港包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 62862875
全部雜誌1年10期月刊 + 1期特別版 ( 除加拿大雜誌除外 ) | 本港包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 62862875

AdventureBox MAX! Ages 9 - 14 (10 regular + 1 special issues)


After the child has mastered the basic English vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, parents can encourage the child to choose more interesting medium-length novels, because the golden period for children to develop English reading and writing skills is between 9 and 12 years old. With stories, it is easier for children to master different grammar, vocabulary, and sentence patterns, build English thinking, and lay an important foundation for future learning.

"AdventureBox MAX!" is suitable for children aged 9 to 14. Graphic novels have themes such as adventure, fantasy, history, humor, emotion, etc., as well as detective comics, big questions that inspire curiosity, brain games, etc., to improve children's English. The children’s reading and writing skills would be improved, and the confidence in using English could also be enhanced.

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