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全部雜誌1年10期月刊 + 1期特別版 ( 加拿大雜誌除外 ) | 本港包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 62862875
全部雜誌1年10期月刊 + 1期特別版 ( 除加拿大雜誌除外 ) | 本港包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 62862875

About Bayard Presse Asia

Bayard Presse is a French and international media company. Bayard magazines respond to parent’s desire to share human values with their children, to offer them opportunities to express their creativity and discover the world. Bayard has been publishing Red Apple, Little Red Apple, White Antelope, Little Red Panda for over 40 years and StoryBox, AdventureBox, AdventureBoxMax! and DiscoveryBox for over 20 years. In order to enrich our reading ladder, Little Green Apple is launched in September 2020!

Bayard children’s magazines are published throughout Europe, as well as in North and South America, Africa and Asia, reaching a widespread and multicultural community of young readers. We take great pride in the fact that so many families choose Bayard’s publications for their children and we work hard to deserve their ongoing trust.

Our editorial teams work constantly to up-date our current publications and invent new ones, in order to meet to the needs of our current readers and better respond to the interests of new generations growing up in today’s fast-changing world.

Through each one of our publications and productions, we seek to uphold a single mission: to help young people to grow up understanding the fascinating world they live in, and encourage them to face the challenges of the future with a sense of wonder and curiosity.