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全部雜誌1年10期月刊 + 1期特別版 ( 加拿大雜誌除外 ) | 本港包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 62862875
全部雜誌1年10期月刊 + 1期特別版 ( 除加拿大雜誌除外 ) | 本港包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 62862875

The Magic Fairground by Harry Marr

Once upon a time, there was a fairground.

It was magic. Once a boy called Mac came to it. He went on the dragon-coaster. It was so cool! He loved it. Then he got kidnapped! He was kidnapped by a robber!

“Help!” Said Mac, as he was kidnapped. The robber made mac his slave! The robber made him do so many boring jobs! Mac was so bored. But then, Mac found a wand! Mac said, “abra-kadabra.”  After he said that, the robber disappeared!

Then Mac went to the magic ghost train. It looked like this.

He liked it soo much that he went on it 10 times! He also said “I wish I shall be safe forever.”

And he was.