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全部雜誌1年10期月刊 + 1期特別版 ( 加拿大雜誌除外 ) | 本港包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 62862875
全部雜誌1年10期月刊 + 1期特別版 ( 除加拿大雜誌除外 ) | 本港包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 62862875

Competition (English) - Winner Announcement

Bayard’s Dream Big and Write Writing Competition ( English )
Winner Announcement



English writing competition
  1. One-week Harrow International holiday camp
  2. Faust’s holiday programme
  3. Full year subscription of AdventureBox
1st Runner Up
  1. One-week Harrow International holiday camp
  2. Ascent Prep Education Centre.$800 English tuition class coupon
  3. Half year subscription of AdventureBox
2nd Runner Up
  1. Kids gallery ‘s selected festive workshop and $500 voucher
  2. Half year subscription of AdventureBox

Champion - Fairground Magic ( Li Wing Yin Annika )

“Come on, Cate!” My elder teenage brother, Joseph, hollered. “We’re going to be late!”

“For what?” I asked. I wasn’t really looking forward to Sunday. We were going to the fairground.

“Besides, that rhymes,” Joseph was still chuckling over Cate and late.

Then he suddenly screamed like a toddler. “Look! The roller coaster!”

I sighed and reached for my book.

“Oh, no, you don’t.” Joseph grabbed my book and bought two tickets for the dragon roller coaster ride. I groaned and covered my eyes.

As I got on the ride, the scaly dragon head on the roller coaster seemed to be staring right at me with its horrible beady red eyes the whole time. Creepy, I thought. When it was time to get off, I was positive it winked at me. I glanced at Joseph. He didn’t seem to notice anything.

Then, we went on the Ferris Wheel. When the doors to our carriage on the wheel closed, the doors seemed to be breathing.

“Should we play at the games stalls?” Joseph asked.

“Sure,” I answered.

“Let’s do target throwing first.” My brother picked up a sticky ball and whacked it at a board.

One of the staff congratulated Joseph. “Let me get your prize.”

But before he could even move, a teddy bear fell onto the prize table and banged its left leg. “Ouch.” It peeped. I shook my head. I must have imagined it.

The staff laughed nervously, “Well! There’s your prize!”

Joseph took it and handed it to me. As I picked it up, I noticed that stuffing was coming out of its left leg. The stuffing was stained red, like the teddy bear was bleeding. I gasped and suddenly felt something under its furry chest. It was a heartbeat…

When the fairground shut down for the day, Joseph passed easily through the park, whistling a lively tune. But as I went after him, a claw shot out and hooked up my shirt.

“Whoa, not so fast. Care for a ride?” I looked up to see the owner of the voice. Before I even opened my mouth to scream, the claw whipped me onto a warm, scaly seat. A large dragon head grinned at me, showing rows of sharp teeth. The roller coaster was alive, and so was the rest of the fairground!

Then the Ferris Wheel took over and spun me in circles, until it gave a giant puff and blew me off. I landed on a heap of prized toys which carried me.

Despite the shock, I was having the time of my life. Then all too soon, it was over. I looked up at the sky. It was the next day already. “Oh, no.” I stared at the rides. “I have to get to school!”

“Don’t worry. I can fly you to school.” The dragon extended a claw.

My friends didn’t believe whatever magical things I said about the fairground, but they’ll believe me the next time we go to the fairground.

1st Runner Up - Gold Coins ( Cadyn Lam)

“Let’s go!” shouted Bill in excitement. “I can’t wait till we go to the carnival!”. The two siblings, Bill and Becky were going to the carnival today. Just when they arrived at the carnival, the smell of popcorn and candy floss wafted around the entire carnival making them drool. Everyone was running around, eating, laughing with joy. They looked around at the amazing booths and games, the rather slow moving Ferris wheel, the roller coaster with people laughing and screaming, as it darts around the carnival making a whiz every time, they wanted to play it all. Everyone at the carnival was overjoyed. But now, both Bill and Becky where staring at the same thing: A glimmering blue barely used spaceship. Both their eyes were locked on it. It seems that they were the only ones that could see it!

They both were nervous. “Should we go in?” Bill asked Becky. “I don’t know, mom and dad might get mad if we don’t tell them.” Becky replied. But somehow Bill managed to persuade Becky to go into the spaceship. Once they got on, they looked around. All that was there was two chairs, a water dispenser and a big panel of buttons and a screen, glowing softly. “It says here that our destination is Aracpon!” Said Bill. After pushing a bunch of buttons, the ship finally did something, but it wasn’t something expected. It shot out two gold coins that looked ancient right into the hands of Bill and Becky. They looked at it closely then Bill put both in his pocket. Then suddenly, the spaceship blasted off, heading to Aracpon.

THUMP! The ship landed. The chairs went flying. The water dispenser sprayed water, but Bill and Becky didn’t move an single inch. “How did this happen?” Asked Becky. “Aracpon probably has some special gravity force that doesn't affect living things!” said Bill.

“Sure it does!” said a low voice from behind. “I am King Ogbleg of Aracpon, welcome!” Bill and Becky jumped with surprise. The king guided them out of the spaceship and into his massive castle, explaining the history of Aracpon all the way.

Even though the king was very nice, they thought that the king was hiding something. Becky thought that he might be a human in a three eye purple alien costume. “And this is where we feast!” shouted the king in excitement, but the food was disgusting! It was eye meatballs, slug slushies and rotten salmon tofu. They both were so disgusted, they didn’t want to eat anything. But the king forced them to eat, and they closed their eyes tight as they took the first bite. All of a sudden, they disappeared!

They suddenly were in their beds, sleeping “So it was a dream!” they both said as they woke up. “You had a dream that we went to Aracpon?” Bill asked, “Yes!” replied Becky. Then they heard something jingle, it was the ancient coins! “Or maybe it was real!” said Bill very happily.

2st Runner Up - A Silly Dream ( Chan Sum Lui Brittany )

Billy and Tilly are siblings, their Mom and Dad took the kids to the new theme park – The Golden Medal Park. Tilly the younger sibling was wearing a cozy scarf, and a yellow dress that covered her knees, as for Billy the older sibling, he was wearing a green cap, a red T-shirt with pitch-black trousers.

The kids ran into the park quicker than the speed of lightning, they both ran so fast, they got lost. Billy and Tilly couldn’t see their parents anymore.

‘’Great! Now I can ride the worldwide famous Dragon Drop Extreme!!!” cried Billy.

‘’I…I don’t know Billy, that seems awfully… extreme, and shouldn’t we go and find our parents?’’ said Tilly.

‘’Don’t be a party pooper! You don’t get this chance everyday now do you?’’ cried Billy.

“I guess not…, but even if I listen to you and enjoy this moment without Mom and Dad, I don’t think the guards would let us ride the roller coaster anyway,’’

‘’Then let’s sneak in!’’ cried Billy.

The sign outside the roller coaster wrote many rules and one of them said that kids below the age of 12 should all be accompanied by a parent, and if they didn’t follow the rules, they will be cursed forever! But of course Billy and Tilly didn’t listen, and went straight on the roller coaster, just as they were settling down to their seats, they felt their own body starting to shrink, smaller and smaller and smaller they got, and by the time the roller coaster’s moving upwards, preparing for the big drop, Billy and Tilly were as tiny as a grown up’s palm.

‘’Oh no! we’re going to fall! We got no seatbelts and nothing small enough to hold on to! ’screamed Tilly

‘’ We’re both going to die! ’said Billy.

‘’AHHHHHHHHHHHH!’’ they both screamed

But just as they were about to fall, Tilly heard something, brrr-ing… brrr-ing…, wait, is that the alarm clock? Turns out that this whole adventure was a silly dream.

‘’Wake up sweetie! Time for breakfast!’’ cried Mom.

‘’Mom! I just got the weirdest and scariest dream ever!’’ said Tilly.

‘’Well, no matter how weird or scary it is, I promise I’ll be there to protect you, no matter what,’’ said Mom.

‘’That’s why you’re the best mom anyone could ever hope for,’’ Tilly said with a sweet smile.