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紅蘋果 Red Apple (Half Year - School Rate)

紅蘋果 Red Apple (Half Year - School Rate)

HK$245.00 HK$275.00

The magazine in Chinese to enjoy reading and become a reader for life! This magazine allows children from 6 to 9 to discover the pleasure of reading on their own. Each month, there is a long story divided into manageable chapters as well as reading and writing games. Children will also discover the world through illustrated facts about history and science, and have fun with hilarious comic-strips!

Red Apple encourages children to read on their own, with rich contents in every issue which include an exciting illustrated story, divided into manageable chapters for newly independent readers, scientific or historical topics with clear illustrations and fascinating information, hilarious comic-strips, and fun games and activities. 

Suitable for boys & girls aged 6-10 years.

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  • Half year subscription: 6 issues
  • For full year subscription: click here

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