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想在聖誕節前收到第一期雜誌及禮物? 12月6日或之前完成網上訂閱吧! | 免費更改香港或英國地址 | 全部雜誌包郵
想在聖誕節前收到第一期雜誌及禮物? 12月6日或之前完成網上訂閱吧! | 免費更改香港或英國地址 | 全部雜誌包郵

紅蘋果 Red Apple: Ages 6-10 ( 10 issues )


Recommended Age: 6 to 10 years old

With Red Apple subscription, your child will build his/her first book sets collection! Red Apple cultivates kids’ interest in lifelong reading, giving children the confidence to read independently.


Inside this magazine:

  • An illustrated novel around 2,500 words in length. Readers can look forward to a different imaginative story each month that will get them laughing, excited, and inspired.  
  • Tell me about the World is a section that introduces cultural, historical, and social topics blended with trivia from all around the World!
  • Biological telescope is a section focused on plants and animals for young nature lovers.
  • Comics, games, brain-teasers and lots of jokes!
  • A soothing voice to follow in multiple languages. Audio accompaniment for each issue.
    The main story comes with audio in Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • Travel sized format. Red Apple is just the right size to bring with you, wherever you are going.

Red Apple is the perfect bridge book between picture books and novels. It has been a great success with kids, families, and schools for more than 40 years!

     Subscription Options:

    Full year subscription: 10 issues

    All of our magazine titles have 10 issues per year with combined issues in Jan/Feb and July/Aug.

    Special Issues: 

    Red Apple Special Issues are published two times a year – one for the Summer holidays, and one for Christmas. Each special edition contains a carefully curated compilation of 3 multi-chapter stories. The stories are selected based on their ability to highlight aspects of everyday life in an exciting and imaginative way. Authors artfully deliver plotlines that escalate quickly while at the same time resonating deeply with its readers. You will receive special issues in 2021 Christmas and 2022 Summer.

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