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想在聖誕節前收到第一期雜誌及禮物? 12月6日或之前完成網上訂閱吧! | 免費更改香港或英國地址 | 全部雜誌包郵
想在聖誕節前收到第一期雜誌及禮物? 12月6日或之前完成網上訂閱吧! | 免費更改香港或英國地址 | 全部雜誌包郵

DiscoveryBox Special Bundle (a set of 5)

Original price HK$525.00
Current price HK$300.00

[Limited Time Offer up to 31 Dec 2021]

Christmas is the perfect time to build up your home library, this special bundle is the absolute best addition to your children’s book collection. The issues are all fun and mind-stimulating and also serve as the best Christmas gift for kids aged 7 to 14.

The bundle includes the following issues.

  1. DiscoveryBox Special: Amazing planet Earth
  2. DiscoveryBox Special: Space exploration
  3. DiscoveryBox Special: Inventions that changed the world
  4. DiscoveryBox Special: Wonders of the Human Body
  5. DiscoveryBox Special: The Great Explorers
  6. A Bayard special edition tote bag

*To ensure to be delivered before 25 Dec, 2021, customers have to place the order by 6 Dec, 2021.

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