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免費更改香港或英國地址 | 全部雜誌包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 37538400
免費更改香港或英國地址 | 全部雜誌包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 37538400

(每日名額50個) AdventureBox Special + 紅蘋果 Red Apple Special (Random Issue Bundle Set)

Original price HK$150.00
Current price HK$20.00

Welcome to the Online Book Fair 2022! Red Apple Special Editions & AdventureBox Special Editions are published two times a year – one for the Summer holidays, and one for Christmas.  Each special edition contains a carefully curated compilation of 3 multi-chapter stories.  The stories are selected based on their ability to highlight aspects of everyday life in an exciting and imaginative way.  Authors artfully deliver plotlines that escalate quickly while at the same time resonating deeply with its readers.  

Don't miss this chance of collecting 2 special issues at once! 


The magazines will be mailed on random basis, you may receive among the following issues.

AdventureBox Special Edition:

- AdventureBox Special Edition 2 Stories Until Christmas 

-  AdventureBox Special Edition Giants

- AdventureBox Treasure 2 Stories Until Christmas 

- AdventureBox Treasure 2 Stories to go Adventuring 

Red Apple 紅蘋果 Special Edition:

- Red Apple 紅蘋果 Special Edition 三個夏天的故事

- Red Apple紅蘋果 Special Edition  三個故事 三個樂趣!

(Remark: This bundle set offer can not be replaced nor refunded.)