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想在聖誕節前收到第一期雜誌及禮物? 12月6日或之前完成網上訂閱吧! | 免費更改香港或英國地址 | 全部雜誌包郵
想在聖誕節前收到第一期雜誌及禮物? 12月6日或之前完成網上訂閱吧! | 免費更改香港或英國地址 | 全部雜誌包郵

AdventureBox Special Christmas 2021 (Single Issue)


They’re big…  They’re massive...  And they’re coming this way!  Despite their size, Giants are not so different from us.  This winter, AdventureBox shows us a different perspective on these mythical creatures.   All in time for Christmas, readers will discover that despite their size, Giants are generally just being themselves: warm, kind, and sometimes vulnerable. 

AdventureBox Special Issues are published 2x each year.  One for Summer and one for Christmas.  Each special issue contains handpicked multi-chapter stories to get you into a holiday mood.

What’s inside:

  • 2 multi-chapter mysteries
  • Comics and Games
  • Games and activities
  • And so much more!

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