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專享學生訂閱優惠 Exclusive Student Subscription Offer


選購雜誌後,必須於「Contact Information」頁面(右方的 Discount 欄)輸入以下「相關推廣碼」,並按「Apply,方可享有網上學校優惠*

  • 訂閱一份雜誌:LX0002
  • 訂閱兩份或以上雜誌:LX0003


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After selecting the magazine(s), please make sure to enter the following respective “Discount Code” and press “Apply” from the “Contact Information” page in order to enjoy online school offer*!

  • Subscribe 1 magazine:LX0002
  • Subscribe 2 magazines:LX0003
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指定訂閱贈品   Specific Subscription Gift

Note: Gift will be determined by your child’s school type, details please refer to below 

幼稚園 Kindergarten

《歐陽一家帶你遊世界》遊戲冊 (中文版)
"OUKILÉ" Game Book (Chinese version only)

小學/國際學校 Primary School/ International School

3D創意繪畫筆 (適合6歲或以上)
3D Drawing Pen (Suitable for ages 6+)

1. 優惠期至2018年12月31日 (23:59)。如有查詢,歡迎致電 3753 8400 與客戶服務員聯絡。
2. 訂閱期由2018年9月開始 (2019年1及2月、7及8月為合刊)。
3. 贈品將於201811月份送出,雜誌送遞方法(只限香港地區)將按照學校指示安排。
4. 如只訂購 DiscoveryBox 特別版圖書或/和OWLconnected 電子雙週刊,將不會獲得訂閱贈品。 
5. OWLconnected 續訂客戶可繼續用舊有帳戶登入,並不會收到電郵確認。
6. 訂閱款項不設退還。
7. 如有任何爭議,芥子園將保留最終決定權。
Terms and Conditions:
1. This is a limited offer expires on 31 December 2018 (23:59). Please call our Customer Service Hotline at 3753 8400.
2. Subscriptions start in September 2018 (Combined issue in Jan/ Feb 2019 and Jul/ Aug 2019).
3. Subscription gift will be sent out in November 2018. Magazine(s) distribution (Hong Kong only) will be based on the schools.
4. The subscription gift is not applicable if you order only DiscoveryBox special edition and/ or OWLconnected.
5. Renewal customer of OWLconnected E-MAGS can continue to use existing account login information for access, no renewal email confirmation will be issued. 
6. The subscription fee is non-refundable. 
7. Should any dispute arise, the decision of Bayard Presse Asia shall be final.