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DiscoveryBox Special Edition ( English ) : Wonders of the Human Body

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Every part of your body tells its own story — the beating of your heart, the rumble of your stomach, the flexing of your fingers. In this new special edition of DiscoveryBox, we aim to find out some amazing wonders of the human body.

Subjects we cover

  • How babies are grown in womb?
  • What is the smallest bone in your body?
  • What are identical twins?
  • What is sleepwalking?
  • Experiments for children to try at home
  • And so much more!

DiscoveryBox Human Body is a special bookazine to excite and educate a child's inquisitive mind!

Additional feature

Paper Skeleton (free): This magazine comes with a build-it yourself real size paper skeleton. It sure will amaze the little minds.