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Red Apple : Five Children's Stories in Chinese  紅蘋果 #3

Red Apple : Five Children's Stories in Chinese 紅蘋果 #3


Five exciting illustrated e-books in Chinese, published by Bayard Presse Asia in Hong Kong. Adapted from French original works, these chapter stories are tailor-made for the 6 to 10-year-olds. Each story can be enjoyed in two versions: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The audio is also available in two languages: Mandarin and Cantonese, so that a maximum of Chinese-speaking children can enjoy these e-books, anytime, anywhere!

5 stories included:

Adventure Experience

The adventure of 3 children in the middle of the night. What will they encounter?

Special Mission

Mary the little mouse is trying to become a tooth fairy. She really wants to get her diploma. But the mission that the inspector gives her that night is far more dangerous than what was initially planned…

ET in My House

That afternoon Valentin is at home alone. He is having a snack when Fuz a tiny man lands in his garden. Fuz just had an accident and needs some help. Valentin will have to use many objects in the house to repair his space engine…

A Brave Knight

Leo, the musician discovers a knight’s horse next to a lake. There are still clothes and a sword on the horse. Leo understands that the knight has been eaten by a the monster living in the lake. He is so afraid that he rides away as quickly as possible. He finally arrives at a castle, where he is warmly welcome. Everybody thinks he has been sent to get rid of the terrible ogre that lives in the area.

The Painter's Revenge

Once upon a time, Marco, a young painter arrived at the inn where I lived. The owner was a cruel and horrible man. This is how we managed to play a good trick on him…


Product details:
  • Ages 6 to 10

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