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免費更改香港或英國地址 | 全部雜誌包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 37538400 *請細閱有關條款
免費更改香港或英國地址 | 全部雜誌包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 37538400 *請細閱有關條款

小小紅蘋果 Little Red Apple: Ages 3 - 8 (10 issues)


Recommended Age: 3 to 8 years old

Since its first issue in 1983, Little Red Apple has accompanied children 3 to 8 years old in discovering their emotions and exploring the amazing world we live in.

InInside this magazine:

  • An enchanting story for daily reading and hugging bedtime moments
  • A rich science and animals section for little curious minds
  • Cute, adventurous, and surprisingly philosophical comic strips like Little Brown Bear, SamSam, and more.
  • Games that train the motor skills while the kids are having fun!
  • DIY arts and crafts to create more parent-child moments.
  • Yoga! I like to move it move it!
  • Parenting corner, the place where you can learn more about children’s development and parenting tips.
  • Child friendly format – Little Red Apple is easy to hold by small hands and perfect for reading alone or together!
  • Board Game for every two issues, enhance family relationship

Subscription Options:

    • Full year subscription: 10 issues All of our magazine titles have 10 issues per year with combined issues in Jan/Feb and July/Aug. Audio is already included in the subscription
    • Digital Magazine ( Add-On $20 annually)

      You can now eligible for a digital version of the magazine if you subscribe to the print version of a publication at only $20 annually. 

      • All 10 issues are included 
      • Does not include audio recordings (recordings are to be purchased additionally)
      • Broadband network is required for reading and e-magazine cannot be downloaded
      • Can be read and used on a tablet, laptop or mobile phone
      • Subscribers will receive an email from us at the beginning of each month, which contains the link and password of the digital magazines. The link and password will automatically expire after one year

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