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DiscoveryBox: Ages 9-14


Recommended Age: 9 to 14 years old

Made in UK. Gold Medallist in Parents’ Choice Award (US) 

A journey of discovery through nature, science and history. In each issue, children explore a new topic (prehistoric man, horses, robots, the mysteries of the night...). Let them discover about History of the world, Scientific discoveries, The beauty of nature and the current Events on our planet.

DiscoveryBox helps children to grow, develops critical thinking and nurtures discussion with friends, parents, teacher... for the benefits of all!

In each issue, enjoy:

  • A different topic every month. Presented through spectacular photos and informative facts
  • Important historical events are retold in a lively and engaging way.
  • Science articles present the great innovations and inventions using clear explanations and captioned pictures.
  • Captivating articles about the world introduce other countries, cultures and lifestyles
  • Comic-strips, DIY activities, games, quizzes, recipes, and lots more!


  • Full Year subscription: 10 issues 

All our magazine titles have 10 issues in a year with combined issues in Jan/Feb and July/Aug.

Additional features

  • Discovery Box Special Edition: The Great Explorers ($105/ issue):

    This Special Edition highlights some monumental moments in human history.  Through the adventures of Marco Polo, the discoveries of Jacques Cartier, the first landing on the moon by Yuri Gagarin, and much more, readers will learn about exciting historical breakthroughs in discovering the world around us.

    Some of the great names covered in this issue:

      • Marco Polo
      • Jacques Cartier
      • Maria Sibylla Merian
      • Roald Amundsen
      • Yuri Gagarin

    DiscoveryBox The Great Explorers is a special bookazine to motivate and inspire readers’ courage to explore the unknown.

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