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AdventureBox Summer 2020 Special Preorder : Ages 6-9


A preview of the Christmas 2019 Special

AdventureBox Special Editions are published two times a year – one for the Summer holidays, and one for Christmas.  Each special edition contains a handpicked multi-chapter stories.  The stories are chosen based on their ability to invoke the imagination and bring to the forefront challenges of everyday life.  Each story delivers quickly escalating plotlines with twists that deeply resonate with its readers.  


The great achievement of Mathis Compere

No one knows what’s lies behind Crayfish Falls*! Every year, the people of Guadeloupe host a huge festival themed around this mystery.  The most exciting part of the festival is the swim competition.  Competitors race to swim upstream and through the waterfall to see for themselves what’s in the grotto. Mathis is the first child to ever compete.  Can he succeed against his bigger, broader competitors? And what is really behind the waterfall?


Captain Catalina

Fed up with life in a convent, young Catalina escapes to seek adventure.  This is a story about a girl who boldly takes her life by the reins and finds herself sailing on the Glorioso, a vessel shipping precious cargo between Spain and North America.  Can she handle the challenges of a sailor’s life? What dangers and surprises await her out on the high seas? 


This special edition is now available for pre-order! Expected delivery date is in mid-June!